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I’ve had numerous readings but none quite as moving as Eloise. She touched me in such a way that the profoundness of her reading is still resounding months later. She shifted and enlightened me on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. Allowed me to redefine my line of sight, and provided me the confidence to connect me to my soul purpose. Most of my past readings have been from middle aged women, with Eloise I found a sense of relatedness that I struggled to find elsewhere. I’m so grateful to the universe for allowing me to cross paths with her.

Belinda De Vincentis


From the moment I first connected with Eloise I could tell she was such a kind and genuine soul. An absolute pleasure to have had a reading with her as I can sometimes be sceptical of psychics. However... the things she picked up on within her first minute even, blew my mind and reduced me to tears, so detailed and spot on that it was this point in my life I never questioned if there is infact, a higher Source, again. I do believe she was put on this Earth to help those who cross her path, whether it be those at a crossroads, those needing closure, those dealing with grief or making sense of big life events. I couldn’t recommend this Earth Angel more. She’s actually the real deal. I look forward to connecting again as life unfolds more wonderful things! Thankyou for all you are and all that you do Eloise

Kirsten Flaneur

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Walking away from a reading with Eloise always leaves me feeling inspired. She’s someone who has done the work and is not afraid to tell it how it is; her honesty is something I respect and admire. She has helped bring clarity to my life countless times through her readings and offered practical, helpful advice about how to move forward and more importantly how to accept where I am and love myself a little more. I love how present and grounded she is when she reads, it gives me a real sense that she is there with me and invested in what she is saying. She’s a phenomenal reader and I couldn’t recommend her enough. Thank you for all your help Eloise!

Lachlan Harkness


I had a beautiful reading yesterday with Eloise, who is a natural born medium and a very gifted psychic. She has a wonderful ability to tap easily into your energy and then delivers her findings in such a clear and concise way. She was ever so accurate in what she felt was happening in my life currently and I have every confidence that what she sees for my future will transpire. We did both a psychic and mediumship reading, and Eloise’s ability to link with the spirit world was wonderful to experience. She presented clear evidence of our son’s survival in the spirit world and it was delivered with both kindness and compassion. Eloise is young, but her soul is an old one, and filled with wisdom beyond her years. A wonderful experience. I also work in this field and it was a real joy having Eloise read for me. 
Kerry Alderuccio- Medium and Author

Kerry Alderuccio


I can't recommend this beautiful inspiring woman enough! Eloise connected me to my soul purpose, helping me to trust & flow with life again. I felt very loved & nurtured in our reading, thank you so much beautiful soul.

Chandra Dunstone


Eloise is a beautiful person and an incredible healer. With a natural gift for psychic work, Eloise shined light on some really relevant blockages that I sensed were present, but didn’t know how to address. After our session I felt noticeably lighter, energetically more aligned, but more importantly, understood. Thank you Eloise for holding such a safe space for me to open up and share my vulnerabilities, you’re amazing!

Rachel Harris

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