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Clear Emotional Blocks
Connect With Your Purpose
Understand Yourself & Your Life On A Deeper Level

These psychic readings are tailored to you and your needs and appointments can be booked for differing lengths of time - 1 hour or half an hour appointments are available. People often come for a reading when they are at a crossroads in their life, or are needing some support in understanding what direction their soul is pointing them towards. Sometimes it is not easy to hear our intuition and listen to our own inner-yearning. Sometimes we need understanding, other times we may need clarity. This is where I step in and allow my intuition, psychic and mediumship skillsets to connect you with the missing information you are wondering. My intent for the reading is to connect you with information that will align you more deeply with your blueprint and soul's purpose. Throughout my readings I go deeper into the areas of life that are most prevalent for you at the present time, through connecting with your energy field, higher-self and spiritual team.



These readings have their roots planted in emotional healing, allowing you to release stagnant and blocked energies, through understanding and intuitive advice from the spirit world, your guides, loved ones in spirit and ancestors. The focus is on bringing you back into balance and harmony with yourself and your life. I believe that our present moment is the most important time we have, so I like to focus my readings on what lessons my client is currently going through, while also touching on anything that needs to be acknowledged from the past, and connecting to possible avenues for the future. Through my in-depth training as an intuitive, psychic and medium, I allow your allies in spirit to guide the reading and the information. Information may come through on any or all areas of life and there will be time for questions. These readings may involve connecting to loved ones in spirit on a mediumship level, to bring through proof of life after death. Areas that often come up in my readings are: family, friendships, boundaries, career, work, finances, romantic relationships, inner-child healing and soul purpose. I see psychic readings as a reflection of where your energy is at, at the present moment. Any intuitive advice for the future is always just one path of possibility and is always subject to change depending on your choices. You always have choice and free-will and I like my clients to walk away from the reading feeling empowered. 

Techniques & Tools Involved:

As every Psychic Reading is unique and tailored to what is of the highest good for the individual to receive, many different modalities, techniques and divination tools may be used with throughout the session. I will work with all of my intuitive and psychic levels, the clair's, throughout the session to ensure the integrity of the information I am passing on to you - clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear feeling), clairaudience (clear hearing) and claircognizance (clear knowing). If loved one's in spirit (mediumship), spirit guides, teachers or messengers are around, I will also connect with them to pass on direct messages to you. I may also work with divination tools such as oracle cards, tarot cards and the pendulum as confirmation and a general guide for the reading.






I’ve had numerous readings but none quite as moving as Eloise. She touched me in such a way that the profoundness of her reading is still resounding months later. She shifted and enlightened me on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. Allowed me to redefine my line of sight, and provided me the confidence to connect me to my soul purpose. Most of my past readings have been from middle aged women, with Eloise I found a sense of relatedness that I struggled to find elsewhere. I’m so grateful to the universe for allowing me to cross paths with her.

Belinda De Vincentis


  • You are feeling stuck or stagnant in areas of your life and need support to change up the energy

  • You are feeling lost for direction in your life and are unsure of your path ahead

  • You are at a crossroads in life, have some big decisions to make and are unsure of what path is best for you to take

  • You have been feeling dis-empowered within your life and current life situations and need some intuitive support to make positive change

  • You would like to understand certain situations, dynamics or experiences, whether in romantic relationships, friendships career, or other environments of life, that play out and how to best shift these patterns

  • You feel disconnected from yourself, your true nature and purpose and need some support to reconnect to your truth

  • You have noticed negative patterns, beliefs or programmes and need some assistance to understand them and integrate them so they no longer have power over you

  • You are experiencing difficulties in any area of life such as: family, finances, security, relationships, friendships, creativity, identity, self-love, trust, self-expression, soul purpose, intuition and connection, and could use some intuitive guidance to help bring things back into harmony



  • Feeling a renewed sense of understanding of current life situations, why they are occurring and how to move past them

  • Understanding why you play out certain unhealthy patterns, behaviours or beliefs, and overcoming them

  • Feeling a sense of empowerment as you understand that you have control over your emotions and actions

  • Feeling clearer about your path forward in life and feeling more deeply equipped to make upcoming decisions and movements

  • Feeling more freedom within yourself as you stop playing out unhealthy dynamics and patterns with other people in your life

  • Feeling a deeper sense of clarity around yourself, your life and what situations may be coming up for you in the near future

  • Feeling connected to your soul purpose, higher self and own innate wisdom

  • Feeling spiritually connected to your own spirit guides and team, who may continue to work with you after the session and offer guidance

  • Feeling an overall deeper sense of harmony and balance within yourself and your life

Outcomes vary depending on the individual client, their situation, circumstances and mindset.

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