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The Plant Kingdom

Plants can often be extremely under-rated and under-acknowledged - don’t you think?

Yes we are often surrounded by them, eating them, smelling them, receiving the goodness and healing benefits from them (both physically and energetically). But how often do we stop to thank them? To honour them? To speak to them? To sit in stillness and notice if there is any messages they wish to share with us? They give us so much, are we willing to develop a relationship of reciprocity with the plant kingdom and give back?

There is value in having a mentor in spirit work and Sharon Bolt from Shamanic Energy Training introduced me to working with the plant kingdom in this way.

When you open up to the wonderful world of the plant kingdom and begin to open up a 2 way line of communication, the gifts that they can bring into your life are unimaginable (one even helped me to manifest an incredible home to live in).

When we recognise that everything is spirit, and everything has a spirit, it only makes sense that the plants would have their own spirits. When acknowledging the weird and wacky world of spirit, we can tune into the spirit of the plants and allow them to communicate.

When you give plants a chance to share their wisdom, when you are open to receiving their subtle messages, the lessons and teachings they have to share with us, a whole other world opens up. They have so much to teach us and share with us, and most of them can’t wait to do it too! It is the plant kingdoms time to shine - will you listen to their subtle wisdom?

Message from the Rosemary spirit:

I bring through a fresh perspective, grandmotherly support, and connection to your mothers

lineage. I wish to speak to you about the perspective you have of your life, as everything is perspective. If you sit in the perspective of counting your blessings, thanking your friends, family and teachers, blessing the natural elements around you - you will be flowing with the hum of all life, allowing yourself to see the beauty and blessings in everyday life. See each breath as a blessing, and more blessings will flow.

I bring the energy of grandmotherly support through these tumultuous times, lighting you a fire and bringing you a cozy warm blanket and a tea on a cold winters night. I am strong, hearty and can thrive under many conditions. I have a strong backbone and am here to support you - even if you are feeling alone, don’t forget the plants. We wish to connect with you, we have survived through many thousands of years, and hold within our DNA our learnings and earth wisdom. We have been working with humans for thousands of years.

I encourage you to explore your connection to your mother and her lineage and ancestors. Witness the relationship between your mother and her mother, and so on. It is one of the most powerful bonds in this universe. Draw on the women of your mothers bloodline for strength and support. Acknowledge the powerful women who birthed you, who birthed this lineage. There is strength in family and power in motherly love.


Apply my essential oil on your CV8 point (at your belly-button), to inspire connection to your mother and her lineage, to soothe and support you through these times. Working with the CV8 point can help us move through feelings of overwhelm, failure and mother wounds. This point can help us to feel nourished, nurtured and connected to our femininity.


Take a small rosemary branch, break each leaf off one by one and give gratitude for something in your life - either big or small, placing on the earth, until the branch is empty. When finished bury the leaves and the branch on the Earth where you placed them, with love and kindness.

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