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Proof Of Life After Death
Connect In With Loved Ones In The Spirit World
Allow For Deeper Emotional Healing, Clarity & Understanding

These mediumship readings are tailored to you and your needs and appointments can be booked for differing lengths of time - 1 hour or half an hour appointments are available. Mediumship involves a Medium connecting you with your loved ones that have passed, to prove that there is life after death, and that your loved ones are still with you in spirit. People often come for a mediumship reading when they are wanting to connect in with loved ones in spirit, are looking for closure & proof of life after death, and may be needing some support in understanding what direction their soul is pointing them towards. It is not always easy to move forwards when we have lost those that we love and care about. Sometimes we need connection, and to know they are still alive in life after life, other times we may need closure. This is where I allow my mediumship skillsets to connect you with those in spirit. They may then pass on valuable information to you about what is going on for you in your life and what is coming up in the future. Mediumship has the power to be a very healing process, as it can provide you with the wisdom, knowledge, connection and closure that you may be looking for.



These readings have their roots planted in emotional healing, stemming from the connection between you and your loved ones that have left the Earthly plane and are in the spirit world. There is also often understanding, direction and intuitive advice from the spirit world, your guides, loved ones in spirit and ancestors. The focus is on bringing through proof of life after death, and connecting you with your friends, family and relatives in the spirit world. I have no control over who will come through in the session and what information they will bring through for confirmation that it is them. Every session is different, as every spirit is different, and the amount of time spent with each spirit can vary depending on the link, the information and their messages for you. Through my in-depth training as an intuitive, psychic and medium, I allow your friends and relatives in spirit to guide the reading and the information. There will also be time for questions. I endeavour for you to walk away feeling lighter within yourself, having closure and knowing that your loved ones in spirit are still with you, just in a different dimensional reality.

Techniques & Tools Involved:

Every Mediumship Reading is unique and tailored to what is of the highest good for you to receive, by your loved ones in spirit. I will connect with them to pass on direct messages to you. I will work on a Mediumship level, with all of my intuitive and psychic levels, the clair's, throughout the session to ensure the integrity of the information I am passing on to you from your friends and relatives in the spirit world - clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear feeling), clairaudience (clear hearing) and claircognizance (clear knowing). If you wish to connect in with a particular loved one in the spirit world, there is no guarantee, yet bringing an object to the session with you that I can connect to with psychometry (connect with the objects energy and whoever owned it), such as a photograph, piece of jewellery or clothing, can help to build a link with a particular spirit and bring through information from them. I may also work with divination tools such as oracle cards, tarot cards and the pendulum as confirmation of the information if need be.

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  • You have lost a loved one (family, friend, or relative) and wish to know if they are still around in spirit

  • You wish to seek proof of life after death

  • You want to speak to a loved one in the spirit world to gain understanding, connection or closure

  • You are feeling stuck or stagnant in areas of your life and need support to change up the energy

  • You are feeling lost for direction in your life and are unsure of your path ahead

  • You are at a crossroads in life, have some big decisions to make and are unsure of what path is best for you to take

  • You have been feeling dis-empowered within your life and current life situations and need some intuitive support to make positive change

  • You feel disconnected from yourself, your true nature and purpose and need some support from the spirit world to reconnect to your truth



  • Feeling a sense of peace knowing that you have loved ones in spirit around you, looking out for you

  • Feeling a deeper understanding of events around a loved ones passing, which may allow for you a sense of closure

  • Feeling a renewed sense of understanding of current life situations, why they are occurring and how to move past them

  • Feeling clearer about your path forward in life and feeling more deeply equipped to make upcoming decisions and movements

  • Feeling a deeper sense of clarity around yourself, your life and what situations may be coming up for you in the near future

  • Feeling connected to your soul purpose, higher self and own innate wisdom

  • Feeling spiritually connected to your own spirit guides, team & ancestors who may continue to work with you after the session and offer guidance

  • Feeling an overall deeper sense of harmony and balance within yourself and your life

Outcomes vary depending on the individual client, their situation, circumstances and mindset.

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