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Sensory Embodiment

New in-person workshop with Dean Benson

June 18th/19th

Wonga Park


In this 2-day weekend workshop we will explore the 5 physical senses in a grounded and embodied way. This will be an in-person immersive experience held in beautiful Wonga Park, on June 18th/19th.


Throughout the weekend, we will explore the 5 physical senses in a fun, interactive and deeply experiential way. There will be group exercises, rituals, sharing, community building, and internal exploration. The weekend will finish with a subtle plant ceremony from a surprise plant guest.


The more we are connected to our senses, the more grounded, present and embodied we will be throughout our everyday life, which can help to relieve anxiety and stress, allowing us to step into more confidence and trust in who we are.


When we connect with ourselves, our bodies wisdom and develop our inner knowing, we are able to witness what our main drivers and programmes are – whether it is from our true self, or from another source.


Even if you have done psychic/intuitive development before, or you are being drawn to - coming back to the foundational 5 physical senses will enhance and help to integrate any work you have done, or plan to in this area.


This programme will develop your ability to discern psychic information – which is incredibly important in life.


This workshop was seeded by Sharon Bolt from The Temple of Shamanic Magick and it is held within a Shamanic Energy Training/White Dragon Lineage template.

When: June 18th/19th

Where: Wonga Park

Investment: $444

Booking link here

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