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As an intuitive, psychic medium, psychic/mediumship development teacher, kinesiologist, mind-body medicine practitioner and developing shamanic ceremonialist/spirit weaver, I encourage you to reclaim your connection to spirit, embrace your intuition, and align to your blueprint. Throughout my sessions, ceremonies and classes I provide you with the space, support and tools necessary to connect on a deep level to yourself and your intuition.


Eloise Fielke Intuitive was birthed from my search for knowledge, self-development, self enquiry and purpose. This journey led me to deeper parts of myself, understanding and learning how to hold space for myself and my own emotions, learning that our innate intuition comes from our body.

Like many others, my journey began with health issues, leading me to a huge lifestyle change. After years of struggling with Chronic Fatigue and adrenal burnout from an overactive nervous system, I turned to holistic health, healing and multiple alternative energetic modalities to help me. The Western medicine system wasn't offering me any solutions. Through exploring different modalities and referred healers and therapists, I began to improve, heal and eventually returned back to balance within myself, my body and my life.

This journey caused me to look deeper into myself and the root cause of my symptoms, and provided me with tools and techniques to heal. I was in awe of energetic medicine and was on a mission to learn more, so that I too would be able to help others with the struggles I had moved through. It is now my mission to be of service to those who are ready to move forwards in their life and connect with deeper aspects of themselves and their intuition.





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5 years ago I began my journey of studying the intuitive and healing arts, and was lucky enough to come across teachers (referred to on the bottom of this page) with deep wisdom, knowledge and integrity. These teachers taught me the tools and techniques I needed to understand and work with my sensitivity as a gift, rather than a curse.

I trained for 4 years as an Intuitive Psychic Medium, sitting in a closed development circle multiple times a week, whilst studying multiple healing modalities. This has allowed me to work in a unique nature with each session, class and client, as every person or group and their needs are different. I structure my kinesiology sessions and readings around the needs of my client, which means that it could lead us anywhere. The classes I run and the information that comes through depends on the energy of the group and where it is at, but I mostly teach foundational psychic and mediumship awareness.

Due to my sensitivity, energetic and psychic hygiene have become very crucial throughout these years of intuitive and energetic development, as it allows me to keep my energy, my clinical space and the space I hold for others energetically safe, sacred and clean. I am currently undergoing training in shamanic sacred space holding and am incorporating these techniques of deep space holding into my sessions.

I have been attending courses with Shamanic Energy Training® (the White Dragon Lineage) for the last 5 years, and over the last 2 years I have been taking my studies deeper with them, training in shamanism, animism, ritual, magick, plant spirit work, clearing, spirit weaving, ceremony and space holding. I am passionate about working with subtle plants in ceremony for deeper emotional and self exploration.

I am currently undergoing rigorous training and initiations with Shamanic Energy Training® (Dragon lineage) as a Sacred Space Holder and Shamanic Ceremonialist. This training is an IEHA Globally Accredited Training and requires a minimum of 2 years of training, initiations and dedicated supervision and mentorship before being able to safely guide individuals and groups during their encounters with their true selves and the spirit world. The depth, tenure and immersion of this training enables the facilitator to walk the path of a technician of sacred spaces with the upmost integrity, safety and honour.

It would be an honour to hold space for you, and guide you towards deeper connection with yourself and your intuition.


Eloise Fielke is the creator of Eloise Fielke Intuitive. She is a Melbourne-based Intuitive, Psychic Medium, Psychic and Mediumship Development Teacher, Kinesiologist, Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner and developing Shamanic Ceremonialist/Spirit Weaver. She supports awakening women to reclaim their connection to spirit, embrace their intuition and align to their blueprint.

With years of in-depth intuitive and energetic training, multiple healing modalities, personal development and experience in sacred space holding and teaching, Eloise loves creating a safe space for her clients and students to feel held and supported as they open up to their intuitive gifts. Her sessions, classes and ceremonies are guided by her intuition and she enjoys assisting embodied intuition to flourish in her clients, as they listen to their inner wisdom.

Eloise weaves multiple energetic modalities into her kinesiology sessions as well as the medicine of plants, sound, instruments, mediumship, essential oils, crystals, breath and meditation techniques. She endeavours to assist people in clearing emotional blocks, to have a deeper understanding of themselves, and a deeper connection to their intuition and psychic abilities. Eloise holds a space where people are able to connect to themselves, their intuition, their emotions, and gain a deeper sense of self and purpose.


  • Reiki 1 & 2 - Essene Healing

  • Colour Healing - Benjamin Venes

  • Chakra Balancing - Benjamin Venes

  • Spirit Healing - Benjamin Venes

  • Drum Journey Training - Shamanic Energy Training® (The White Dragon Lineage)

  • Pendulum Dowsing Level 1- Shamanic Energy Training® (The White Dragon Lineage)

  • Spirit Animal - Shamanic Energy Training® (The White Dragon Lineage)

  • Crystal Dreaming Practitioner Training - Raym Richards

  • Psychic & Mediumship Development Training (4 years) - Benjamin Venes

  • Plant Spirit Ceremonialist Training/Sacred Space Weaver - Shamanic Energy Training® (The White Dragon Lineage)

  • The Temple of Mythical Magick Mentorship (1 year) - Sharon Bolt from Shamanic Energy Training® (The White Dragon Lineage)

  • Spirit Allies and Mythical Creatures - Shamanic Energy Training® (The White Dragon Lineage)

  • Plant Spirit Communication - Shamanic Energy Training® (The White Dragon Lineage)

  • Spirit Weaver (currently training - 9 months) - Shamanic Energy Training® (The White Dragon Lineage)

  • Kinesiology and Mind-Body Medicine Diploma (2 years) - College of Complimentary Medicine

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