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I'm an Intuitive, Psychic Medium,  Psychic and Mediumship development teacher, Kinesiologist and I am currently developing as a Shamanic Ceremonialist/Spirit Weaver under the White Dragon Lineage with Shamanic Energy Training®. I work with awakening women who are looking for deeper purpose and meaning in their lives, and those who are ready to open up to their innate intuitive gifts and psychic abilities. I am passionate about psychic and mediumship development, spirit work, connection with the plant kingdom, and the magick spirit can bring into your life.


In this day and age I see the growing importance and need for safe spaces that encourage and allow us to feel our emotions, to connect with ourselves, and to connect to our most powerful ally - our intuition. I believe that all of us are innately intuitive, though we can be disconnected from it at times as it is very often shunned in todays society. Returning back to our essence, wisdom, intuition, and power can allow for a coming home and welcoming of ourselves that we have been longing for.

Through my own intuitive gifts, the wisdom of the spirit world, shamanic/animistic awareness, my experience teaching psychic development, and the many modalities and trainings I have done, I provide you with a space to return back to yourself, your own intuition and your own connection with the spirit world from an empowered space. I believe that by connecting to our own intuitive, psychic and mediumship abilities, we are able to take our power back and live a sovereign and empowered life, as we trust ourselves and live from a place of truth and knowing.